The AKA band is a band based in Walnut Creek, CA, playing all over the Bay Area, including Concord, Martinez, Brentwood, Oakley, Lodi, Stockton, Oakland, Lafayette, Danville, San Ramon, Berkeley, and all over the Bay.  

We specialize in bringing fun songs that get crowds moving and having a good time.  

Our differentiator is that we have a pro setup to tailor our sound to your space.  For many bands, their gear is tailored to outside gigs: acoustic drum kit (loud!), loud 4x12 guitar rigs, and bone-jarring 8x10 bass rigs.  While we can bring the wall of sound, it’s sometimes inappropriate for a tight space or somewhere with limited sound ceilings.  We have an electronic drum kit and cutting edge effects processors to give you the sound of a loud band but limited to just 2 PA speakers!

To additionally keep stage noise limited, we employ an in-ear monitoring setup.  This also allows us to tune the dynamics of our sound, not to drown out any imperfections. 

We can play anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 sets (1 hour each).  If you’ve got a favorite song, give us a shout when we book and we’ll see what we can do. 

We can plug into your sound system or bring our own PA for any space.  

Because of the self-containment of our rig, we can setup and tear down in minutes, making us ideal for openers or events with short turn-around times.  

Give us a shout and let’s discuss tailoring our entertainment to your event. 

We’ll keep your crowd dancing and singing along the whole night.

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